Dave Honor / Photographer / Photoshop Artist

davidVeteran Chicago photographer, Dave Honor, has been a creative force in the Midwest for over four decades. With a professional career that has spanned photo journalism, advertising, and fine art, Dave continues to rediscover his passion for fresh imagery by keeping pace with today’s ever changing technology.

A world traveler on assignments for newspaper and magazine clients, Dave has shot his way through the British Isles and Europe over to Northern Africa and back again through the Caribbean and Mexico. His experience landed him at the prestigious Leo Burnett Company as the in-house photographer on major clients Marlboro, Johnny Walker and Disney among others.

It was at Leo that Dave began working more and more with digital format cameras. In the latter part of the nineties, he was exploring the freedom that Photoshop and digital files gave him over photo labs and retouchers. By the new millennium, Dave was fully converted, well experienced in the film side of the business but looking forward to the expanding horizons of the coming digital age.

But Dave’s quest for compelling imagery goes well beyond the camera and becomes much more personal in his vision of people, places and the things that inhabit our world. His vibrant images are the result of precise action captures combined with evolving digital technologies. The dreamlike quality of his landscapes, the staccato action of pixels in movement, the serene beauty in human gesture and still-life studies are all manipulations unique to Dave’s mastering of image post-production.

Dave Honor is a photographer that continues to grow with his art, while keeping pace with the ever changing world of digital photography and image enhancing software. He is available for commissions and assignments.